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"Make contact with other swinging contacts NOW"

It is the reason we all join swingers websites, to make contacts with other swinging couples/members but some members just put ZERO effort in and then wonder why they don't get a response.

Contact swingers NOW - it's free!

Ok it's your first chance of making contact with another member, maybe it's your ideal couple or perhaps a single swinger you want to meet with, so getting your contacts message to grab their attention and make them want to come back to you is the purpose of your email, but will it work? Think - would you respond if someone sent you the same message?

Warning: Don't have your first message deleted... put some effort into it, it is about the most important tip anyone can offer a member and one of the reasons so many members fail to make swinging contacts is due to a dull and uninteresting response to their well thought out personals advert!

If you are new to the swinging scene and have never contacted a swinger before then sit back and take 5 to consider what you're going to say to the member and make sure when replying your message catches that members imagination and makes then want to find out more about you.

"DON’T just copy your own personals advert, this is a real pet hate of members"

Getting a good balance between sending a message that’s too long or one that’s a single line of text is something you will have to master, something like “do you wanna shag” will get you nowhere, but telling a member your life history will probably bore them to death - either way the member will just delete your contacts message.

When contacting members make sure you’ve first fully read their personals advert and also that you fit within what the swinging contacts are looking for, after all if the couple are mature members and looking for similar aged couples and you are in your twenties it is really pretty pointless in sending a message to them!  

"Make sure they match what you are looking for"

The golden rule when contacting swingers is to keep it truthful and honest, as let's face it if you’re a single male trying to convince a member you are part of a couple they will soon realise you’ve lied to them when you try to meet up.

Also consider that members will often get lots of responses so your message won’t be the only one they get and if your message rambles on about nothing to do with swinging, or going into too much detail about your sexual fantasies, it will probably get deleted so they can look at the next message.

KISS! I'm not talking about what you want to do to members - keep it simple stupid!

Keeping messages sort and to the point, whilst at the same time making sure it grabs the couples/members attention, is the best route.

If you want your message to get a positive response then use the KISS principle and you'll have swingers responding to your contact messages and wanting to meet up...

Contact swingers TODAY and start having fun

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