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"wives watching husbands with horny crossdressing members"

What would you do if your wife caught you wearing her knickers or dressed up as a woman? Well these couples have taken Cuckold sex to another level and husbands are getting fucked by crossdress males!

Meet with crossdress members for cuckold sex

The cuckold scene popularity is growing in leaps and bounds and within that various sub fetishes, one of which is where the couple will invite crossdressers into the bedroom and rather than the husband watching it is time for the wives to enjoy seeing the husbands having sex.

The cuckold scene is about partners watching others having sex but throw into that a sexy crossdresser that's also bisexual and you have the start of some interesting meets where rather than the husband's enjoyment it is time for the wives to have fun and in many crossdress cuckold meets it is the wife that has full control over what happens, or more so who fucks who!

With the development of sissy cuckoldry more couples are turning towards to the internet as a means of finding bisexual crossdressed males and these meets tend to revolve around either the more dominant crossdresser fucking the husband or a dominant wife controlling both husband and tranny where the husband is "forced" into bisexual acts with the crossdress contact.

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With crossdressing cuckold meets, unlike other types of fetish contacts, right from the onset members will know in advance what role the person will take, either as the dominant crossdresser, submissive husband or dominant wife. And whilst the term "forced cuckold" does imply the husband is forced into having sex with a crossdresser this is not the case, like many BDSM contacts it's about sex role playing.

Once guidelines are in place and members know the roles they will take, for the cuckquean (wife) it's really a case of her sitting back and enjoying watching her husband with a crossdresser or in some cases the wife will transform the weak husband into crossdress males prior to meeting with the other member.

Crossdressing cuckold sex is about one thing alone and that's role playing sex, where right from the onset people will know just what's expected and what the end goal is - which is where the wife will want to see either husbands dressed as a women and having sex with another male which in this situation is a crossdresser.

With thousands of members, both within the crossdresser and cuckold scene, you can be sure of finding contacts within our member base and considering you can join for free it won't even cost you anything just to see what's on offer and find your ideal transvestite sex partner for your husband!

Crossdress & cuckoldry husbands, now its the wife's turn to watch

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