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"Crossdress sucking, fucking and having dogging sex "

What to meet up with crossdressing dogging members? Like the idea of fucking a horny transvestite outside? Then welcome to the best resource for crossdressing dogging information!

Meet with CD,TV & TS for dogging sex - it's free!

Want to meet up with some horny crossdresser dogging members? Looking for outdoor sex with trannies that love to play outdoors? Well look no further as not only are we a nationwide tranny contacts website but we have more than a few dogging trannies that are looking for meets with admirers.

It's a fact that as a nation we Brits do love our dogging after all, all you need to do is just look at the thousands of dogging contacts websites there are, but for vast bulk of these are first dedicated to straight doggers and second premium based sites where you have to pay to see anything, let alone if you're lucky to find crossdressing dogging websites which I've never had any luck with.

To give you some idea I've posted some recent viewed dogging crossdressing photos that have posted by members although cropped to hide identities and these members are looking for outdoor sex meets NOW.

A fan of crossdressers and outdoor sex, one of my own frustrations is going to locations and sitting around and waiting, waiting AND yes waiting, and in the end going for some light relief in one of the public/cottaging toilets in desperation for relief, but that doesn't have to be the case.

As a member you'll get access to thousands of profiles from dogging crossdressers that are looking to arrange outdoor meets, so rather than hitting some dead dogging location you'll be able to pre-arrange to meet some horny tranny and also guarantee some outdoor sex!

Members also get access to the forums section and here dogging fans can post up locations and by searching out profiles can arrange to meet a crossdress member for some outdoor fun. This not only removes the risk factor of not finding any doggers it also means you can review postings from other members warning of possible police dogging hot spots (these are dogging locations they patrol heavily).

When dogging these considerations are a good idea:

  • make sure you can get dressed quickly if needed and a long coat is a good idea so you can cover up your knickers/stockings quickly
  • don't take cash with you, leave your wallet in the car in the glove box EVERYONE knows people hide valuables possessions under the passenger seat
  • take some wipes with you
  • condoms for safety are a must and should be used
  • whilst some members are happy to have photos taken make sure you clear it before snapping photos whilst some dogging tranny is sucking you off!

Above all be safe when dogging and make sure if you use a popular crossdress dogging location you keep one eye on the road whilst watching and enjoying your tranny outdoor sex.

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