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"looking for some dogging action? want outdoor meets?"

Dogging, we all know it's wrong and breaks UK laws, but does that mean we want to stop?... Like frig is does, as you can't beat some outdoor dogging sex with strangers.

Get REAL Dogging locations - it's free!

Dogging is about as British a pastime as eating fish & chips on a friday night, and ask just about anyone about what dogging is and they know it refers to adults engaging in sexual acts in public places typically car parks or public parks and do this knowing others are watching and getting involved.

The internet has helped the dogging craze with dedicated websites popping up all over the shop offering "free" dogging locations and direct adverts for dogging couples, but for the most part these websites are just a front for getting either email address (then used to spam you) or make you pay by having you call a premium rate number for the latest dogging information.

The problems are, firstly why pay for dogging information when you can get it free and secondly do you really believe the information is current? Let's face it they don't have a team of doggers going around the UK making sure these locations are still in use - so where do you find out about the best UK dogging locations?

Easy, you ask the people that really do go out using these dogging locations

If you want to find ANY information out regarding swinging, clubs or the best dogging locations in your area the people to ask are the ones using them as they will be able to tell you if they are still in use and the possible problems.

Whilst discussing "problems"... "The police", let's face it dogging is illegal and the police now have dogging hotspots detailed right across the UK and know all the old ones and WILL patrol these at night looking for parked cars and couples sat in them, so you do have to be aware should they approach you will ask what you are doing - I highly recommend NOT saying you're dogging, but perhaps enjoying some alone time away from the kids or some other crap like that but have something ready just in case!

As the police will know of most of the older dogging locations couples and single swingers are now having to keep one step ahead of their favourite dogging location being added onto the police "Hot Spot list" and this is done by the use of members only forums.

Within our members section we have dedicated dogging forums & blogs so people can not only post up details of dogging meets but also locations that are either getting spoilt by idiots or the police have stepped up patrolling it. This means YOU will be one step ahead of the police and be able to gain valuable information on the very best UK dogging locations.

Another great feature of the forums is should a member post up that they are going to a local location to you, you can send a private message directly to them asking for more details and times when they will be around so really a guaranteed dogging meets, after all how many nights have you spent parked up in some dark car park awaiting for dogging to turn up and not getting any action!

So, forget these premium number or email collection websites and join ours to directly ask the dogging members the best places to try, plus it's free!

Other dogging pages to be added:

These pages are in the process of being updated so in the meantime join us and thousands of other UK doggers - plus now European dogging as thankfully Spain & France have joined the dogging revolution and are enjoying some outdoor sex and slipping a finger to the police.

WARNING... dogging IS illegal so watch out what you are doing and who is watching, but isn't it that that makes it more fun ;o)

Join us and find the best UK dogging locations

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