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"want free dogging stories? then look no further !! "

Love the UK dogging scene ? like reading erotic stories? then get the best of both world by reading dogging stories sent in by couples....We are a free contacts website offer access to free to read dogging stories

Get REAL Dogging tales from around the UK!

Looking to read real dogging stories from around the UK or indeed Europe, although the vast amount of dogging contacts that submit stories are UK based so if your looking for the real insight into the dogging scene read on

There are so many websites online that are geared around the UK dogging scene some featuring stories, photos and even locations, but the problem with all these sites they are pushing members only porn sites so you know NOT the real deal

The stories submitted by UK Dogging couples are submitted by couples / contacts that not only meet with dogging contacts but some of them then write stories detailing just what they have been getting up too .........thankfully

So you know that when your reading the stories these have been sent in by couples that are using these locations around the UK and enjoying some outdoor sex.

real couples enjoying the dogging scene ( photos edited to protect members)

Reading stories submitted by couples gives you a real idea of what goes on, after all if your knew to dogging and not sure what happens then dogging stories will not only give you that information, but direct access to locations ( sometimes) and couples

Its the fact that stories have been submitted by real UK dogging contacts and not some made up stories posted by someone trying to get you to join a website. The dogging stories here is part of the free membership so you join for FREE and read them and better still even contact the members ......all for FREE

Some recent swinging stories submitted:

  • Our first dogging meet (Hampshire) :- we really weren't sure where to start let alone locations so after doing a little research we joined a swingers contacts website and started reading postings made by couples that were using dogging locations (more)
  • Cock sucking night out (Devon):- I'd had a few nights when the dicks basically didn't get even a look in and sat alone join the car really wondering what the fuck was I doing here, then you have nights when a girl just can't keep up with a the amount of cocks coming her way. I had always fancied a bukkake dogging meet and having 3 guys around me took this as a chance to strip off and get them wanking (more)
  • My husband wanted to watch (Cheshire):- its something he'd wanted to watch and that was me having sex with other guys but rather than standing next to me wanted to hide and play peeping tom! We posted up some locations were we would be and got a good response (more)
  • Bareback or not (Yorkshire) :- we been involved in the swinging scene for sometime and one hot summers night after reading up on some local dogging meets thought we'd try some outdoor sex. The question is should I go bareback dogging or not ? (more)

Join us today and not only start reading dogging stories but meeting up with couples or singles that enjoy having outdoor sex with strangers.

Note ... all photos posted are directly from dogging blog posting or profiles no fake images are used and as a member you can access these profiles plus loads of other for FREE

Join us and find the best UK dogging locations

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