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"Not sure what couples do to indicate they want dogging sex? "

Thinking about trying Dogging but not sure what to look for when you turn up at a public car parks or other UK public sex locations, in that case read on

Get REAL Dogging information & advice - it's free!

Are you thinking about hitting some of the UK dogging locations this summer? not sure what to look for when you pull into some Dogging location and more so "just how do you know when couples are looking for dogging meets"

There is very clear dogging etiquette that most seasoned dogging contacts will follow when hitting the UK locations, but by far the best place to meet is via the forums as there not only can you work out a safe place to meet but pre arrange what sign to make when pulling into the car park

Understanding if a couple is dogging or not is paramount, after all you may well be pulling into a car park for some dogging sex but you need to understand what signals couples give to tell others otherwise you could well end up walking over to a couple that are just enjoying a nights drive and they don't know its a dogging location they are parked at

So the question is "How do you tell if couples are dogging when parked up ?" .......easy;o) The dogging etiquette is what most follow and have done for some years and still applies now so posted below are the basic guidelines that couples follow when dogging

So, how do know when couples are dogging ? .posted below are some of the common tell tell signs when couples are at UK dogging locations and looking for meet. but I really can't emphasise enough that using a forum "IS" the best way

Dogging etiquette for both couples and single males - When parked there are some clear things to look for and starting point that often couples will use when dogging!

  • An on interior light is a good indication that the couples are looking for more voyeur meets often meaning that dogging males can watch as couples have sex. The voyeur dogging scene is very popular with couples.
  • When driving into the car park look out for parked cars and flash your lights - This is about the least subtle way and some will say a bit too much in your face - More often people will just park up with real break lights pointing towards the other couples cars and then flash brake lights
  • Once parked a good indicator is by winding your windows down - this is by far the main indicator couples use to indicate they are looking for dogging meets
  • A Open door is also used and an open invitation for males / couples to join them in the car
  • When dogging in parks / national parks take a torch with you and flash this to indicate your dogging

With summer heading our way NOW's the time to get out and start meeting up with dogging couples and contacts from around the UK. As we offer a FREE dogging contacts website it won't cost you anything to meet up and find all the latest and best advice directly from couples and singles

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