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"You REALLY don't have to go all the way, try a soft swap"

People have this crazy idea that swinging is where members will shag and fuck anyone and only interested in one thing alone, that's full on sex, this is wrong and here we look at the "soft Swingers"

Looking for soft swap meets - join us it's free!

It seems the world believes that swinging is all about couples meeting to have sex and to a certain extent YES that's correct, but what you do have a choice of just how far that exchange goes with couples you are meeting with and soft swing/soft swapping/soft swingers often will use this as the first step into swinging scene.

When couples first join the swinging scene, whether it's via a swingers clubs or contacts site, most will be quite nervous and not sure of what to expect from the exchange, or really if they are going to enjoy it. After all when you consider it some couples may not have had sex with a different person for years and to many this will almost seem like they are having sex again for the first time.

This is where soft swing often comes into play and newbies use this as the perfect introduction into the scene and allows them to experience swapping with others, often for the first time, so what is soft swapping?

So what is soft swinging? In general swinging terms it means couples will meet and enjoy foreplay but NOT penetrative sex, this is saved for partners and full sex will happen between the husband & wife or boyfriend & girlfriend and even sometimes this won't happen until they get home, although most will have penetrative sex there and then.

We have hundreds of couples that are only into soft swapping, but like most things there are a few play on the words soft swing, although for the vast amount it will just mean penetrative is between spouses, but so you can fully understand the scene it does have three very distinct sub genres, so make sure you know what's on offer when they say "soft swing" contacts.

Swingers Advice/Sub genres of soft swing:

  • Same Room/Voyeur Swing - This really is about watching & being watched and before you think "what's the point" until you've experience being in the same room with another couple having sex then don't knock it as its extremely erotic and you know that with these types of meets NO interaction between couples will happen. The sexual arousal comes from being in the same room with others having sex. Often for many this is the first step into swingers scene.
  • Girls Only - This is where the females will play together and so means that the females are bisexual/bifem/bi-curious and these women are often watched by there male partners from the sidelines. After a while the males may join in but this will only be with their own partner. This is very popular within the swinging scene due manly to the amount of bisexual females and bi-curious women that are members.
  • Soft Swapping - This is where the partners will exchange couples but sex will go no further than oral only and more often than not couples will look towards same room sex, although sometimes the preference is different but the vast amount of members that I know that enjoy soft swapping enjoy same room sex so they can enjoy watching there partners with someone else. Penetrative sex is saved for partners only.

Many of our members express an interest only with soft swapping and have no interest in taking things further so it's really down to you to decide your sexual limits, but a word of warning if you say you only want soft swapping meets DON'T try to change things in the heat of the moment as this will not only upset the other couple but could harm your own relationship by trying to force a partner into full sex with another couple.

Finding soft swap members is EXTREMELY easy as all you need do is use the drop down search within the members section then click of soft swapping. It really is that easy, so join us today.

Join us and turn thinking about swapping into fact

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