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"Learn about the swinging rules, enjoy the lifestyle"

You turn up to meet with a couple at their home do you a) put your feet up on sofa & order a drink or b) enjoy the hospitality the couple are showing you? Not sure - in that case read about swinging etiquette...

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Swingers etiquette in reality is no different to meeting others at their homes or bars in what you consider correct or inappropriate to do, just because there's every chance you're going to be shagging some guys wife whilst he's with your's doesn't mean to say you have to assume things and not be cautious.

Follow swingers etiquette for the vast amount of time is really common sense and to say there are strict guidelines to swingers or rules of engagement would be WRONG - there are none but there are some tips I can forward on that will help you enjoy the website more and put you on the correct footing when meeting with other swingers.

It's easy to follow good swingers etiquette and posted below are what I would class as good manners and for the vast bulk of cases common sense! And to stop you from making possible mistakes and failing at the first meet here are a few swingers etiquette tips and advice on what to do and not do when you first have a member contacting you.

Swingers tips, the Dos & Don't of swinging:

  • Be courteous to others - it really doesn't cost anything to be polite and courteous and remember if you treat others the way you wish to be treated then you'll get respect back as whilst many will put over an image of confidence some swingers do have insecurities and fears especially so when meeting with couples for the first time or new swinging couples.
  • Being Friendly with other members - let's be honest we are all adults and so this means you don't have to act like some idiot or bully which quite possibility the end result will get you banned so it doesn't matter if you're interested in meeting a couple or not should they contact you keep it polite, it takes a lot of courage to make that first approach and by being polite you'll soon be making loads of friends within the scene.
  • Reply to messages - I have to say this is a little pet hate of mine, if someone takes time to reply to your advert it doesn't take 5 minutes to send a reply back even if it is a "thanks, but no thanks" response, this is far better than just deleting the message and leaving the other couple high and dry wondering if you ever got the message.
  • Flirts, some like them, others hate them! - the flirt system is a way of dropping a quick line to a member, a bit like a chatroom conversation, some members love getting these flirt messages, others hate them as they want to get proper thought out message not one liners you throw onto a message, so if someone says "no flirts" don't send them to the member as it will do nothing but piss them off.
  • Respect others feelings - whilst you maybe a confident swinger and are comfortable in all situations, you have to take into account that not everyone is as confident as you. If you notice someone is uncomfortable then take a step backwards and let them compose themselves and the worst thing you can do is force yourself onto someone.
  • Drink - if you are going to someone house to meet then take some drink with you out of politeness perhaps a bottle of wine, but remember the reason for being there and the last thing you'll want to having too much alcohol!

Personally I would say there are NO hard and fast rules within the swinging scene but what there is, is a need to respect others and treat members the way YOU expect to be treated in return. Just because you're going to have sex with someone else's wife or husband doesn't mean to say manners don't play an important a role.

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