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"Swingers forums the heart of any adult contacts website!"

Free swingers forums, the only way to truly find your way around the swinging scene - read adult forum postings from swingers, doggers & contacts of every type!

Join us and read postings in our forum - it's free!

Say the word forum to most and they will assume it is a place for geeks & nerds to hangout and talk about the latest technology, you know the types that guys that get a hardon talking about the latest Apple phone or some new techno gadget! Well trust me a swingers forum is every bit NOT that.

Swingers forums open the doors to a massive amount of information and any new swinger should head straight towards the forums section and spend a few days, no better make that weeks, reading some of the past forum postings from other swingers.

These forum postings cover everything from new advice to dogging locations and in some cases swaps that have gone wrong and why that happened, and by reading these hopefully you'll first have far more fun as a swinger and hopefully not make some of the mistakes others have made.

Swingers forums are unlike chatrooms in that members will start threads/discussions on subjects where others can then read or contribute too, so as a voyeur looking on this means you can read past posting and comments from thousands of other members from right around the world, not just the UK or Europe.

There's no doubt in my mind that a swingers forum is the heart and community of a adult contacts website and as a member you'll have full access to all current & past postings and that even applies if you join as a free member, so it won't even cost you anything to read forum postings by our swinging members.

To help you the swingers forum is split into dedicated sections, with each one offering a search feature so if you're looking for something specific it's not hard to locate that information and with direct access to members profiles should you read a forum posting from a member that sounds like you would like to meet you can directly access contacts details and profile information straight from the forum.

Swingers forum sections - further details:

  • Assistance and Etiquette - post your views and comments regarding the forums and members section we welcome suggestions to improve the swingers forums - also if you've got a question on the ins and outs of the swinging scene this is a great starting block for newbies.
  • Holiday Meet up - going on holiday either abroad or within the UK, here you can post questions to members living abroad and ask questions about local swinging such as good clubs or maybe arrange a meet up whilst on holiday.
  • Dogging Action - looking for the best UK dogging locations? Then you are starting block is here, as members will post details of locations they know and use around the UK & Europe. It is also often used for places to set up instant dogging meets rather than just sitting around in some dark car park. This way you pre-arrange to meet with a member for some guaranteed outdoor action. Also members will post locations that are being patrolled and people have down as hot spots, so in other words avoid like the plague.
  • Instant Action - this part of the forum is one of the most used sections and so is split into regions making it easy to find members that are looking for others to meet with for instant sex in most cases that night or weekend.
  • Bukkake - once a more of a fetish type contact, but now more members are setting greedy girl nights or inviting groups of males round for bukkake nights. If you are unsure, bukkake is the act of wanking off over someone's body, normally face.
  • Cuckoldry - want to learn about the cuckold swinging scene, then start here by reading postings made by either wives or cuckolded husbands. For anyone considering this, this is a must read as it will give you a true inside view as to what it's like to watch your wife getting fucked by other males.
  • Soft Swapping - Often a way that new swingers enter the scene and here you can read postings made by both old and new members to the scene asking questions relating to soft swap and what couples can expect when they try this type of swingers meet.
  • Swingers Spain - Other than the UK Spain has our biggest member count within europe, so to help our Spanish swingers they have a dedicated forum section so they can chat about anything expats swingers related from clubs, dogging, parties & advice.
  • Crossdressers - Here either CD, TV or TS members can post questions from dressing advice to help getting into the scene or maybe just coming out and enjoying life as a crossdresser. Here members can also post details of clubs, bars or parties for other crossdressing members to read and comment on.

Plus loads of other dedicated sections for members to post and read comments made by other members and you'll soon see why we say the swingers forums is the heart of the contacts community.

And what's even better is you can register today for FREE to access the forum and all its great postings. So join us today and read what others are saying about the swinging scene.

Join us and today and start having fun within our forums

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