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"Lost by confusing terms, jargon & swinging terms"

New to swinging and confused about some of the contacts jargon terms used by members? or are you considering joining but already getting lost by some of the swinging terminology ?...

Join us we welcome newbie swingers - it's free!

There are many swinging acronyms used by members either within chatroom's, forums, blogs and profiles and for a newbie these can be often confusing leaving someone thinking " what the frig" and to help both new and even some older members I've posted list of some of the more common ones used within the scene

One of the biggest frustrations for new swingers when when acronyms and terms are used and you don't understand what they are talking about so hopefully you'll find this useful and make you early days within the scene a far less confusing one

This is list of swingers terms that I use and know about but I'm sure there's some I've missed if so please feel free to drop me a line and I'll add any other useful terms & swinging jargon to the terminology list below

But the thing to remember if you see a word, jargon or some swinging term used that you don't understand drop the couple or member a line asking what they mean, after all they won't bite you, well not unless you ask them too

Swingers acronyms/terms & jargon used in swinging:

  • AC/DC: Bisexual Swingers - more
  • Accom: A member that refers to there residence
  • All cultures: member that enjoys all fetishes
  • B&D: Bondage and discipline also refereed as bdsm
  • Bareback: sex without a condom
  • BBW: Big beautiful woman - more.
  • Bi: Bisexual
  • Bukkake : the act of males masturbation over females
  • Bull: the male within the cuckold scene
  • Can travel: Someone that will travel to meet members
  • Cheating: Self explanatory members will cheat on their swinging partner.
  • Clean: member thats disease & drug free.
  • Closed swinging: Also known as closed door swaps when members have sex in different rooms
  • Closet swinger: Not "out" as a swinger
  • Community swinger: Someone who adopts the swinging lifestyle
  • Couple (or CPL): male & female couple.
  • Cuckoldry: where husbands watch wives / partners getting fucked - more
  • French culture: oral sex activity
  • Greek culture: anal sex
  • Roman culture: orgies / group sex meets
  • Swedish culture: massage to sexually arouse members.
  • Cunnilingus: Oral for / on a female.
  • Discipline: dominate fetish can involve spanking and pain
  • Dominant: Partner in control of submissive.
  • Endowed: used to referring to a males penis or breast size.
  • Exhibitionist: Person that enjoys sex in front of others.
  • First timers: first time swingers / couples.
  • Flagellation: Swinging turn on though hard pain.
  • Full Swapping : where penetrative sex WILL happen between couples
  • Hardcore Swingers - members that are happy to swing on first meet
  • Hedonist:  Someone whose purpose is to experience pleasure.
  • Host: A members thats holding a swingers party.
  • Masochism: pleasure from humiliating others often within forced cuckold.
  • Master slave relationship: Bondage or discipline in a relationship.
  • Menage a trios: French term for threesome. - more
  • MFF: Male Female Female threesomes
  • Moresomes:  group sex.
  • MMF: Male Male threesomes
  • Newcomers: members that are new to the swinging scene.
  • NSA: No strings attached sex
  • Open swinging or open door swinging: couples that have sex when partners are NOT presence.
  • Passive: Someone who is submissive opposite of dominant.
  • Recreational swingers: Swingers who swing for pleasure with no desire for emotional relationships sometime refereed as hardcore swingers
  • Rubber: Condoms.
  • Safe only: Someone who uses condoms.
  • S&M: Sadism and Masochism see bdsm
  • Soft swapping : Where sexual activity does not include penetrative sex.
  • STD: Sexually Transmitted Disease.
  • Triad: 3 swingers / people that are willing to meet others for sex.
  • Voluptuous: A curvy, well proportioned woman see BBW.
  • Voyeur: Someone who enjoys watching others.
  • VWE: Very well endowed normally males
  • VVWE: Very, very well endowed

Hopefully these tips will help you and you'll enjoy your swinging times with Direct Swingers Adverts and like I said if someone has posted something you don't understand just send them a message asking them to explain

Need understand swinging terms used

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