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"Full swap wife swapping meets are you ready?"

Want to full swap with other swingers & couples, are YOU sure? Do you think you'll be happy seeing a guy fucking your wife or your hubby having someone on top of him fucking away.

Full swapping meets - join us it's free!

Let me first say the last thing I want to do is put any member off from joining our swingers site but when considering full swapping meets, or as it used to be called wife swapping, you first need to be fully happy about seeing your partner with other people and when I say that I don't mean just kissing and cuddling, I'm talking about full on penetrative sex, unlike soft swapping!

Full Swap Swingers can be incorrectly referred to as hardcore or hardened swingers but this is NOT the case, harden swingers are couples that really have no interest in building friendship or any type of relationship up with a couple.

These hardened swinger members will just meet and fuck - end of! Whereas the term "Full Swapping" is what many people will think of when talking about swinging in so much as couples will meet and have sex, like the old days of wife swapping or key parties!

I suppose you could say that full swap swing is essentially where couples will swap partners for full penetrative sex, whether this is with protection or bareback is something for you to decide and for many couples full swapping does offer a more less restricted meet with other swingers.

Whilst on the subject of bareback swinging you will find that "some" couples do have a preference towards fucking without a condom and whilst you'll have some that say this type of sexual behaviour is foolish especially when swapping with strangers the choice of whether to play without protection or not is yours and we are not here to judge those members.

If barebacking is your preference finding bareback full swapping contact is very easy within our search system and all you need do is click that you want to meet with bareback members and only couples that have expressed a preference to that type of meet will be displayed, it couldn't be easier.

Whilst full swapping meets does open the restrictions between what a couple can and cannot do that doesn't mean you can do ANYTHING you like and you still do have rules of etiquette and boundaries to consider in the same way you would have between any couple having full sex.

When considering full swapping you do need to be fully aware of what you are about to see and if you are not sure about how you feel about seeing your partner/wife or husband with someone else then it better now to stop and discuss what you want from joining a swingers site.

To summarise, if as a male you're happy to watch your wife getting fucked by other male, or watch your husband pleasing another women by fucking her, then fine full swapping is for you. If either of said no to that question then full swinging is not for you and it is far better to realise this before you are in someone's home and you are just about to see your wife getting fucked.

Whilst your answer may have been no there's still lots of naughty swapping fun you can have with other couples with having to go all the way and like we mentioned before you have soft swapping option or even just same room sex with your own partners, so please don't think if you don't want to go all the way that swinging is not for you, as we have just as many couples that want soft swaps as full swaps .

Join us and turn thinking about swapping into reality

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