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"Why do YOU want to swing? May seem a daft question!"

A lot of couples join swingers websites but one of the first considerations you need to make is just why are you joining an adult contacts website, are you doing it for the right reasons!?

Join us but only if YOU want to - it's free!

Many couples join swingers website's for all the right reasons and end up meeting loads of great swinging couples around the UK or indeed Europe and for these couples its all about fulfilling swingers fantasies.

Lots of couples join swingers websites to realise sexual fantasies that they have been thinking about for years which tend to revolve around have sex with other couples, singles or even groups and by joining an adult contacts website turning swinging fantasies into realty.

As current members we love welcoming new members into our swapping society but there can be pitfalls and things you need to make sure you've fully considered before joining us naughty swinging couples and if you're looking to finally working out those sexual fantasies you can be sure our members will be more than able to help you out.

So, why do YOU want to join a swingers website? Are you doing it to try and rekindle a poor sex life? Perhaps you think that by joining a swingers website it will make your sex life a lot better? If that's why you're joining then FORGET it, as being a member of a swingers website will not suddenly make your sex life better.

Here are some of the pitfalls and considerations you should make before you join us in the fun, as you may want to try swinging to try out your sexual fantasies but you need to make sure you are joining for the right reasons!

Swingers Advice/Why join a swingers website:

  • Don"t force a partner into the swinging scene. - When considering joining a contacts site its something you both have to be fully happy with and discuss your swingers fantasies and what you both expect from joining a contact site. If your still want to make fantasies become reality, then join us but should either one of you not be fully happy then stop as dragging a reluctant swinger into the scene will lead to relationship problems, assuming your happy then read advice on your first swingers personals advert
  • Discuss how far you want to go - Just because your a member of a swingers site that doesn't mean you have to have penetrative sex with everyone you meet, some people enjoy voyeur sex / soft swap where couples will have same room sex with there own partners but just enjoy being in another room with another horny couple, other members look for full swapping meets, or threesomes in fact just about every type of sexual swingers fantasy you can think of

    The key point is to fully discuss what you expect from meeting with couples and you've both agreed on what you are happy doing or likewise seeing your partner doing. Discussing for swinging boundarieswill ensure you meet the right types of contacts your happy with and by establishing your boundaries you'll have a great time when meeting with members

    When completing your profile make sure you tell people your boundaries and never step outside your sexual limits without agreement and never modify the boundaries when meeting a couple, the last thing you want is to be discussion your swingers fantasies & and far you want to go on the evening.
  • Know why you are swinging! - it's for sex yes? well yes and no, some people look towards swinging as a of making friends with lets say "fringe benefits" whilst other join just for NSA sex and nothing else, but one thing people never join a swingers website for is to fall in love! swinging is about sex and nothing else and you need to understand the members you meet with are only looking for this so don't go falling for a member it will complicate the issues

By following the advice laid out here you'll have a great time meeting with members and build strong swinging relationships up with members that all have joined for same reason as you that to really experience swapping fantasises

So stop fantasising about swapping partners just us NOW and really do it, you won't have any problems finding local contacts and members that are only too happy to help you make fantasies become reality!

Join us and turn fantasy into fact

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